Re: IPSC/HB bridges; CC links

Steve N4IRS

The current state is intended for actual implementation. In your example, Yes HB_Bridge will use HBlink and the hblink.cfg to create a Server the your MMDVM clients can connect to. When you start IPSC_Bridge it will use DMRlink and dmrlink.cfg to connect to a c-Bridge. Any traffic from MMDVM will pass from HB_Bridge to IPSC_Bridge. You will have MMDVM <---> HB_Bridge <---> IPSC_Bridge <---> c-Bridge.

Yes, in theory, you could connect a client to BM and a Peer to c-Bridge. DO NOT DO IT !!! BM supports CC-CC.

I think what you want to do is provide Talk Groups from both BM and c-Bridge to MMDVM Clients. To do that, you would use conference bridge. The choice of which Conference Bridge and how to build it depends on what you are really trying to do.


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