locked Re: Blocking users from a network and common sense.

Chris WB4ULK

That is a shame to see that. I hope it was a glitch. After all, that is what this stuff is all about. Un-fragmenting our networks.


On Oct 23, 2018, at 10:50 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

There has been some traffic lately about bridging modes to established Masters (Servers) and Talk Groups. Simply put, DO NOT just drop a bridge on any TG without checking first. I can understand wanting to listen to a active TG on some mode with your ASL node. I've done it for testing dozens of times. The key word here is LISTEN. Make sure there is no way you are transmitting into a active TG. Do not just drop a bridge from ANY mode to a TG without "permission" from the primary user or managing authority. When I'm testing a connection to BM DMR I use my DMRID (3112138) as the TG number. I can then be assured the only person I will bother is me. If you don't use a little simple common sense, it's a good bet you will receive a bunch of ugly e-mail and possible be banned from TG, server or network. THINK! Remember, DVSwitch has but a number of servers for testing. See the stickey on this sub group for login info.

While I'm on the subject of banning, There is a group that has started up a new "Network" That network is TGIF. They are using software from DVSwitch including HBlink to create the new network. I applaud the choice of SW. The interesting thing is I had been monitoring the new network on their Master tgif.network. My primary interest is to listen for problems and see if the problem could be solved withing the DVSwitch SW. I did not really care to talk there. I do not want ANYTHING to do with the politics of why they decided to build their own network. My interest is that I felt it was a good test of the SW in a real world environment.
Well, long story longer, my IP address has been blocked by tgif.network. All I had connected was a single HotSpot running Pi-Star. Some time last weekend the HS could no longer connect. I could not bring up the status page on my browser. I figured they were making changes, it is a new network after all and change is to be expected. On Monday I decided to ask others if they were having a problem connecting to tgif.network. The answer I got back was no problem. After testing from a different IP address I surmised my IP was blocked. Again, I do not want to get into the politics of the new network. I can understand blocking a user that caused problems or a user that did nothing but "bad mouth" a network. I don't think just listening to a TG on a Server applies here. I guarantee, the people running tgif.network know how to reach me if there was something wrong with my node. Since I provided the P25 to DMR bridge for them and they knew how to reach me if there was a problem.

Steve N4IRS

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