HBlink to Wires X Node

Martin W2MPR

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some information.  I want to try and figure out is how to bridge my clubs WiresX node to an HBlink server.  The idea is that we want to have a way into our WiresX room for people who have HotSpots and DMR radios.  Right now Brandmeister can do it through their master servers. They are linking to our Wires X room through our node computer running Wires X software with an HRI 200 box.  We would like not to rely on Brandmeister for that. I currently have a working instance of HBlink and it works great.  I tested it out with some buddies of mine using PiStar HotSpots like the ZumSpot and JumboSpot, and also with the SharkRF OpenSpot. We are currently testing it out as a private network, but we would like to use this to bridge to our Wires X room.  What do I need to do in HBlink to connect to our Wires X node the way Brandmeister does it directly over the internet.  Please keep in mind that I am a Linux newbie.  I have learned more about the Linux command line in 3 days than I have learned in 20 years.   I can handle the commands and the copy and paste, but when it comes to the code text, I am lost. Do I need to install another component to work with HBlink or is this something I can do in the hblink.cfg file under the repeaters section?  I appreciate any detailed info anyone can provide.  Great to be part of this group.

Thank you,



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