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Thank you for the quick reply. I don’t think they reverse engineered the Wires X protocol, but I could be wrong.  It works well for the most part, but sometimes the BM connection to our node computer drops in and out and causes disruptions for the people coming in from DMR HotSpots.  The HBlink instance that I have running on my home computer has been running flawlessly for the past 2 days I have it up.  The private network is nice to rag chew, but it would be great if we can connect to our node the same way BM does so we have our own gateway for HotSpot users to connect.  I just saw this as a “better” way for us to manage the link between the DMR users and our Fusion system.  I worked with Corey Dean to get our TG linked and all he asked me for was the public IP address of our Wires X node computer, our Wires X room name, and room number.  He did not link directly to Yaesu’s Wires X server in Japan, he links directly with our node computer.  Once BM links with our node, a call sign shows up as connected to our Wires X room as if it was another user or node connecting to us.  
Here is what Brandmeister published on how they are linking to Wires X.  I am just having a hard time reading into the code.   Not sure if this makes any sense to you.  
Is there any other way to link DMR to Fusion with our own server besides going through Brandmeister?  Maybe there is another way.  I will keep hope alive lol. Also is there any good resource which goes into detail on all the functions of HBlink and how to set up the dashboard.  I am struggling with that too.  I have Apache2 and PHP running and working, but I do not understand what I need to do with the code on the Github site.  I knew nothing about this stuff 3 days ago, and now I’m running a Linux server, so hopefully with ,kore time I start to understand this stuff more.   Thank you again for any help you can provide and for the reply.
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I am sorry to report that we have no method of connecting to WiresX. Since Yaesu does not publish the protocol it would have to be reverse engineered. I believe that is how BM did it.

73, Steve N4IRS 

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some information.  I want to try and figure out is how to bridge my clubs WiresX node to an HBlink server.  The idea is that we want to have a way into our WiresX room for people who have HotSpots and DMR radios.  Right now Brandmeister can do it through their master servers. They are linking to our Wires X room through our node computer running Wires X software with an HRI 200 box.  We would like not to rely on Brandmeister for that. I currently have a working instance of HBlink and it works great.  I tested it out with some buddies of mine using PiStar HotSpots like the ZumSpot and JumboSpot, and also with the SharkRF OpenSpot. We are currently testing it out as a private network, but we would like to use this to bridge to our Wires X room.  What do I need to do in HBlink to connect to our Wires X node the way Brandmeister does it directly over the internet.  Please keep in mind that I am a Linux newbie.  I have learned more about the Linux command line in 3 days than I have learned in 20 years.   I can handle the commands and the copy and paste, but when it comes to the code text, I am lost. Do I need to install another component to work with HBlink or is this something I can do in the hblink.cfg file under the repeaters section?  I appreciate any detailed info anyone can provide.  Great to be part of this group.

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