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Rob WX1N

Ok thanks so much to both of you, I think I’ve got it now.  If not, you know I’ll be back.  We have a couple of MMDVM repeaters set up here, currently on BrandMeister.  We enjoy the flexibility and the ability to play around with things like text messages and private calls, but probably 95% of the DMR repeaters in our neck of the woods are DMR-MARC.  What I’d eventually like to do is talk to the folks who have the local c-Bridges and see if they would allow us access to the statewide talkgroups.

Speaking of text messages private calls – can either of you tell me, is there a way to instruct hb_confbridge host to route them, or at least to send them all through to one connected network?


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You can specify an alternate configuration file on the command line — and that’s how I run them all. Steve likes to make full copies, and that’s probably a great way to do it. I’m a little more old school and run them out of the same location with -c


Cortneys-MacBook-Pro:HBlink cort$ python --help

usage: [-h] [-c CONFIG_FILE] [-l LOG_LEVEL]


optional arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


                        /full/path/to/config.file (usually hblink.cfg)

  -l LOG_LEVEL, --logging LOG_LEVEL

                        Override config file logging level.

Cortneys-MacBook-Pro:HBlink cort$ 


MMDVM<-><->HB_Bridge<->IPSC_Bridge<-><->IPSC peers.


Today, I’m running it this way:


MMDVM<->HB_Bridge<->IPSC_Bridge<-><->IPSC peers


Note the thing missing is because I have only 2 MMDVM repeaters, and I let them both carry the same traffic (like peers on a single IPSC system). I pick up all of my “northbound” TGID traffic from (DMRlink) with Brandmeister, DMR-MARC via c-Bridge, etc.


That looks like a crazy string of things running, but they still seem to use a marginal amount of resources….. not sure if this helps or not, Rob…. but the thing definitely, right now, is to put (IPSC) and (HBP) between the actual repeaters and HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge respectively.


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Right, I know not to do that – that’s why I’m trying to understand how to avoid it.  Right now what I’m trying to do is just get a working example going to get familiar with it.  I have a few ideas down the road that I might like to try but I don’t want to pursue them until I have a good working knowledge of what I’m doing on my end.

I’ve gotten as far as the setup you describe, MMDVM<>HB_Bridge<>IPSC_Bridge<>IPSC connection (sort of – you were discussing the BM end of the IPSC connection with me, but it appeared that I had the setup on my end working the way I intended it to, it just wasn’t going anywhere).  I’ve also played around with the conference bridges before and have a decent knowledge of how to set them up and configure them.  The part that isn’t clear to me is where the conference bridge would come in in the setup described above.  For example, taking the example setup above, where in that setup would the HB link conference bridge come in?  I assume as a separate instance, but once you set up the configuration file for the conference bridge portion of  HB link to connect to an outside network such as BM, wouldn’t that then be picked up by the HB_Bridge portion, and the talkgroups from that connection be routed through to the IPSC side?  Or do you need to have duplicate copies of the HB link folder, one to run the Bridge, and connect to a separate copy of the software in another folder, which would accept the bridge’s connection, and then route it’s traffic through the conference bridge?  Something like:

MMDVM logs in to HBlink conf bridge (HBlink copy 1)

HBlink conf bridge (HBlink folder 1) logs in to BM, and routes certain TG’s there, and also logs in to HB_Bridge (HBlink folder 2), and routes certain talkgroups there






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The current state is intended for actual implementation. In your example, Yes HB_Bridge will use HBlink and the hblink.cfg to create a Server the your MMDVM clients can connect to. When you start IPSC_Bridge it will use DMRlink and dmrlink.cfg to connect to a c-Bridge. Any traffic from MMDVM will pass from HB_Bridge to IPSC_Bridge. You will have MMDVM <---> HB_Bridge <---> IPSC_Bridge <---> c-Bridge.

Yes, in theory, you could connect a client to BM and a Peer to c-Bridge. DO NOT DO IT !!! BM supports CC-CC.

I think what you want to do is provide Talk Groups from both BM and c-Bridge to MMDVM Clients. To do that, you would use conference bridge. The choice of which Conference Bridge and how to build it depends on what you are really trying to do.



Cort Buffington



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