Re: HB Link HowTo Create Master Sever

Chris WB4ULK

I may have come across wrong in one of my posts.
I am sorry if I disparaged the BM servers or the people that keep them up and I deeply apologize for that.

I have had some issues with different BM servers not talking to each other sometimes and it segments my network when that happens.
I understand that can happen occasionally since the BM servers are carrying so much traffic and doing so many things.

I was looking for a way to just connect our cluster together on one small server for ultra reliability. If there is such a thing, since we are talking about internet connections (ahem.. Cable companies. lol)

Anyway, I really appreciate EVERYTHING you guys have done and I am a huge proponent of BM. I believe in open networks that bring modes and people together instead of segmenting them.

Again, I sincerely apologize for saying anything negative about the work you guys do.


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