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I don't know if you were directing this to me Mike/KB8JNM or not

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Ports do not have to be 'any certain port number' except:

to not conflict with any port number in use &

to match the port number where it is handshaking TO or FROM.

If you look at the HOW2, there is a nice graphic showing the digital flow of ports for dmr to asl.

I use (analog_bridge.ini)

fromDMRPort = 31100                 
toDMRPort = 31103 

It must match the port number it interfaces with in


TXPort = 31100                  ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)
RXPort = 31103                  ; Port to listen on (import)

The port number you use are up to you. But they must match where they are going to or coming from without conflict.

All modes/formats would be they same.


On 11/13/2018 12:14 AM, Gregory Heinrichs wrote:

hi Mike, i just wanted to confirm that the port 31000 is in reference to fromDMRPort, so i should change the script to 31100 correct? Below is from my ini.
server =                
fromDMRPort = 31100                
toDMRPort = 31103

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