Re: ASL to DMR Bridge...changing talkgroups

Steve N4IRS

Now we have a script to change TG "on the fly" Let's make it available to DTMF and Allmon.
First we need ASL to execute the script from within. There is more then one way to do this. I'll use the internal command.
Lets assume you placed the script in /usr/local/sbin and called it
You can run the program from the Linux command prompt with /usr/local/sbin/ 1234 to tune to TG 1234

Let's add it to rpt.conf
To run a external script the ASL command is:
4321=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/ 1234 (This ASSUMES 4321 is not in use nor is 43 or 432) 
When a user on the node sends *4321 ASL will execute the script /usr/local/sbin/ with a parameter of  1234

So far so good? Now let's add it to Allmon2
in the allmon directory is a file, controlpanel.ini in that file as a example you will find:

labels[] = "Say Time of Day (local only) the TT way"
cmds[] = "rpt fun %node% *74"
Lets add a command. Copy and edit above:
labels[] = "Tune DMR to Talk Group 1234"
cmds[] = "rpt fun %node% *4321"

Poof! you have added a command to Allmon2 which will tell ASL to execute the script.
Clear as mud?

73, Steve N4IRS 

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