Re: ASL to DMR Bridge...reading talkgroups

Steve N4IRS

My short off the top of my head answer. If you know what TG you started on and tracked the changes, you know where you are.

Pseudo code:
Start the bridge
Send AB/MB to TG 9
Echo 9 to text file
From this point on, any change to the TG goes through the script and the text file contains the current TG.

No matter where you go, there you are.

As I said, Mike and I have been talking about Metadata. AB exchanges Metadata across the USRP channel. That is how a Transcoder sends Metadata across the transcoder. MB1 <-> AB1 <-> AB2 <-MB2> There is a need to be able to get metadata from MB1 to MB2 That data is passed across the USRP channel (The connection between AB1 and AB2) The ASL USRP channel drive does not send or receive Matadata. We are discussing strategies to add Metadata to ASL without modifing the USRP channel driver. Think AMI.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 11/15/18 8:32 PM, Michael Weaver - AC2VK wrote:
I was going to post the same question today. So +1 for this. A way to query what the current talkgroup is.

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