Re: ASL to DMR quality

JJ Cummings

It's my experience that the audio is much wider in analog.  The largest issue that I had when setting up analog bridge was getting the levels adjusted correctly in terms of the gain control within analog bridge itself.  Once I was able to get those to a good level it all fell in place and sounds great now, and we are primarily using USBRADIO for all of our ASL nodes.


On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 2:02 PM Neil k8it <k8it@...> wrote:
I got the analog bridge to work now. I am now trying to improve the audio quality of the audio sent to DMR.
I correctly am using USBRADIO for my private Allstar node with audio that sounds very compressed.
Would I be better off to switch to SIMPLEUSB?
Is there any tricks to getting more audio bandwidth?
73 Neil Sablatzky  K8IT
Allstar Node 41838 KITLINK

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