Re: How to link between a Quantar on P25 to BM DMR?

Steve N4IRS

I'll answer the bridge between P25 and DMR here and recommend you join the Quantar Bridge subgroup at for your Quantar question.

To build a bridge between DMR and P25 you will need to transcode P25 <-> DMR. A transcoder requires 2 instances of Analog_Bridge. The system will look like this:

P25Reflector <-> P25Gateway <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> Analog_Bridge <-> Analog_Bridge <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> BrandMeister.

The P25Reflector is TG 334015
MMDVM_Bridge can do DMR and P25 at the same time so uyou will need only one instance
The easiest way to run 2 instances of Analog_Bridge is to have 2 .ini files. Copy the default Analog_Bridge.ini to Analog_Bridge_P25.ini and Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini
Edit each copy to configure for the mode and run the program with the name of the config file. ./Analog_Bridge Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini

These are very broad strokes. I suggest you build from the outside in.

Hope this helps,
Steve N4IRS

On 11/18/18 6:30 PM, Juan Carlos Pérez via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi everybody, I am really new to DV-Bridge, so I have a lot of questions after reading DVSwitch documentation.

So, I had successfully setup a Quantar repeater to connect with a Cisco 1841 and to a RaspberryPi running QuantarBridge and connecting it to MMDVM P25 talk groups.
1.- Is it possible to set an especific Talk Group to auto connect to a reflector (i.e. 10200) after lets say 10 minues that the repeater has been idle (like a reflector auto reconnect), unless a different Talk Group is selected by a PPT on that different Talk Group?

2.- It is possible to link a P25 local Talk Group (i.e. 334105) to a DMR Talk Group on BrandMeister (i.e. 334105)? In this case the TG 334105 on the BM network is the TG for my DMR repeater.

If any answer is yes, could you point me in the right direction to build that setup. 
Thank you,

Juan Carlos

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