Re: XLX 2 XLX Connection

Steve N4IRS

I little to nothing about XLX so I don't know how much help I can be.
I do now understand more about XLX (with transcode) <-> XLX (XLX (without transcode) If I understand your post, the peer protocol can not connect the two different modes.
If ircDDBGateway can connect to each type maybe you can do this:

XLX (with transcode) <-> idcDDBGateway(1) <-> MMDVM_Bridge(1) <-> MMDVM_Bridge(2) <-> ircDDBGateway(2) <-> XLX (without transcode)

Steve N4IRS

On 11/22/18 8:53 AM, david bencini ik5xmk wrote:
>Why re-invent the wheel ??

Why maybe I started working on XLX from the first version and I know good things and faults?
If you have an XLX with transcoding and an XLX WITHOUT transcoding, how do you connect them together? The peer system works great if all XLXs have the same technical characteristics. There are many realities in the world and not everyone uses a single XLX for the whole country.
What we need is simply a "collector" with dstar protocol and not mmdvm. I understand that MMDVM_Bridge, DVSwitch, etc. etc. they can not do this. OK.
Unfortunately, XRF no longer had any development, but as a "collector" it could be fine, but it has no control and causes loops with ease.
There is YSF2DMR, we hope will also be implemented DCS2DPLUS for the dstar, or similar.
Thanks anyway, 73

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