Re: XLX 2 XLX Connection

david bencini ik5xmk

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your answer.
This can be a viable path. I was hoping not to use ircddbgateway, even to be able to use a single server for this function.
The latest version of XLX is designed to have a distributed use on all peers of the transcoding process, so it implies that all participants have appropriate on-board hardware.
This is the reason for the request of a simple direct connection, point to point, with the DExtra protocol only, for example, in order not to activate the transcoding process.
It would be necessary for MMDVM_Bridge to present itself to XLX in a pure dstar way, at least in one side.
Thanks, I can try to use ircddbgateway with a different protocol / port type for each side. But I have to recompile ircddbgateway in custom mode by changing some listening ports so that everything can reside on a single server
73, David

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