Re: Installing DVSwitch

Guillermo HK4KM <hk4km@...>

Ok I can now see that maybe the problem with the Draft DMRGateway Install notes is that I did not use the image

because it no longer exists at that URL.  So I used a normal Raspbian image.  That maybe explains why the files to contiune installing are not there.

So I will have to look at the other document in more detail.

What I really want to do is transcode/link YSF<->D-Star.  I already have two reflectors running in a single Tinkerboard. And, after that is working I want to connect those to IRN.  I have a channel set up there.  Or, I can use my own TeamSpeak 3 server which is up and running.

Don't know if all this sounds crazy or if it can be done.  Just got pointed to DVSwitch by the IRN guys.

Appreciate any help with this idea and where I may be wrong or what I can and can't do.

73 de Guillermo, HK4KM

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