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Thanks for this answer.  I spent the weekend pondering your answer and the implications, and picturing in my head how I should proceed.  At this point, I’m going to stick with hb_confbridge, because of the reasoning you gave, and connect everything else over to that core component.


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When I started this, there was DMRlink – MMDVM didn’t yet exist. After I wrote HBlink, I still developed on DMRlink first, and then ported changes to HBlink, but have kept pretty good parity between both of them.

As of now, I’d say the best determining factor would be what kind of repeaters do you have more of? Motorola or MMDVM? That’s the advice I typically give. If you’re predominantly a Motorola operation, then use DMRlink’s as the main hub; if MMDVM, then use

But this is about to change. Going forward, now that HBlink has OpenBridge support, HBlink will be what gets developed first – and at some point, I may even sunset further development on DMRlink applications (e.g. Using multiple IPSC connections to a c-Bridge to pick up TGIDs (or multiple HBP connections to Brandmeister, etc.) is cumbersome. OpenBridge allows “server-to-server” type access to Brandmeister, DMR-MARC and DMR+, and that’s my reason for shifting primary development (and there’s about to be quite a bit of it) to HBlink first.

I’d like to see a few improvements in IPSC_Bridge, and hopefully can contribute to them. Even on K0USY Group’s systems, it looks like the future will be trading out our XPR series repeaters for MMDMV-based ones, or putting a “backpack” on each one (SBC running IPSC_Bridge/HB_Bridge) and converting them all to Homebrew at the repeater site. I’ll likely keep one XPR for DMRlink development, but that’s probably it.

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P.S. - if anyone is in the market for lightly used (I run the power at 25W on them and NEVER burn up PAs that way) K0USY Group will soon have a number of XPR8300s and XPR8400s available for sale or trade for MTR2000s.

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In terms of setting up confbridge, which is preferred to work with, the one in dmrlink or the one in hblink?  Ultimately, I want one of those to be the primary decision maker in the “center” of it all.  With the link to BM being the most number of talkgroups, I’m leaning towards the hblink one as the one to use.

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