Re: Is this even possible?

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

To make DMRlink use OpenBridge requires all of the same internals as and OpenBridge is based on the Home-brew Repeater Protocol. It was reasonable to incorporate it into HBlink because of that.

DMRlink is probably going to be #2 now. I just did a LOT of work with HBlink… I can trickle those changes into DMRlink over time, but like all of you, I’m also running a pretty sizable repeater network too. So just remember, I’m doing that AND trying to write the software. So go easy on me guys :)

On Nov 26, 2018, at 5:32 PM, Peter M0NWI <peter-martin@...> wrote:

Hi Cort,

Reference the below, can I ask is OpenBridge not compatible with DMRlink, or just that you've made the decision to not implement?

As you know I've always kept DMRlink as the core routing for the network, linking out using IPSCBridge / HBlink as needed to bring in the odd MMDVM box, and its served me well, as the bulk of my connections are moto IPSC.

I see OpenBridge as a super way to link networks, and would like to try this, at present I have one link per repeater upstream, and bridge the traffic, so OpenBridge would be a good win.

So I'm contemplating, do I move to HBLink as the centre, and use IPSCBridge for the motos to gain the benefits?


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