Re: Strange announcement after each keyup after about a day of running

Chris WB4ULK

Steve figured it out.
It’s a timer you have to set up to at least 2500 milliseconds.

I think it is in analogbridge.ini

Anyway, the message was coming from BM saying “Blocked”

It is a loop back detector that is getting tripped. Upping that time keeps it from doing that.

I think the thread got moved over to support. Look in there.

Fixed my prob and no issues since.


On Nov 29, 2018, at 4:57 PM, KM6IRY <casper14209@...> wrote:

Hey there Chris, long time and funny running into you here.

Just setup a bridge here as well and have run into the same thing. Kicking services on and off narrowed it down to being on the MMDVM Bridge side but still not sure where it's coming from. Have you had any advancements on this or does anybody have any info to share?


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