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well here's to my memory, i was trying to do this software only.
you need a hardware option for D-Star :(

On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 11:43 AM Steven Blackford <kb7sqi@...> wrote:

Hey Russel,

    I run an additional DMR <->D-Star bridge on the Carolina Link on Tues/Sat nights.  Here’s the MMDVM.ini setup info for D-Star:


[D-Star Network]








In the D-Star section, you need to point the GatewayAddress & GatewayPort to where you have your ircDDBGateway running.  In the above, I have one instance of ircDDBGateway running on a different PI2.  It’s where I have a DVAP setup.  It’s easy enough to have more than one “device” setup in ircDDBGateway.  In your ircDDBGateway you need to point your module to where the “new device” is running so here’s the section of ircDDBGateway:














I use “repeater 2” in ircDDBGateway for the additional bridge.   The bridge is ran on an ODroid C1 w/ the IP of  ircDDBGateway is running on a PI2 w/ the IP of  Make sense?  Hope that helps.  73 de K4SQI!


Steve, K4SQI


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From: Russell, KV4S
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2018 12:13 PM
Subject: [DVSwitch] ASL <> D-Star


I just started a new project for a D-STAR to ASL bridge.

If anyone has done this before can you send me an example MMDVM_Bridge.ini?

if not can someone point me in the right direction? around the settings for network and ircdbb?


also, in the analog bridge ini does this look right?

; Information for xx_Bridges (Where xx is MMDVM, HB, IPSC)


server =                      ; IP address of

fromDMRPort = 32100                     ; AMBE frames from xx_Bridge (should match "toGatewayPort" in x$

toDMRPort = 32103                       ; AMBE frames from xx_Bridge (should match "fromGatewayPort" in$

ambeMode = DSTAR                        ; DMR, DMR_IPSC, DSTAR, NXDN, P25, YSFN, YSFW

minTxTimeMS = 2000                      ; Minimum time in MS for hang delay

gatewayDmrId = 3136665                  ; ID to use when transmitting from Analog_Bridge

repeaterID = 313666508                  ; ID of source repeater

txTg = XRF749D                          ; TG to use for all frames received from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Br$

txTs = 2                                ; Slot to use for frames received from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Brid$

colorCode = 1                           ; Color Code to assign DMR frames


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