P25 -> MMDVM_Bridge question

Rob WX1N

Good evening all,

I'm starting to slowly peck away at a P25 to DMR bridge, and learning as I go. I'm starting from the P25 end and working in towards MMDVM_Bridge. Can anyone confirm that the order is as follows?
MMDVM running P25 -> P25 Gateway -> P25 Reflector -> MMDVM_Bridge

The default ports do not seem to be set up for this, and I am having trouble getting P25 reflector to pass traffic to MMDVM_Bridge, so I wanted to confirm.

The ports I'm using are as follows:
MMDVM P25 network ports:
Gateway 42020
Local 32010

Local 42020 (matches MMDVM Gateway)
Rptr 32010 (matches MMDVM Local)
Hosts file Port 41000 (port for Reflector)

Port 41000 (matches host file in Gateway)

P25 Network - defaults to 42020 and 32010, which would connect it to the Gateway not the reflector (and would conflict with the MMDVM I think?)
So I'm trying Gateway=41000 (Reflector), and Local=32011 (shouldn't need to match anything, just be a discrete port, correct?)

A P25 transmission shows in P25Reflector, which I believe indicates that the first 3 steps are set up correctly, but nothing shows in MMDVM_Bridge.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!


Rob, WX1N

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