Re: P25 -> MMDVM_Bridge question

Steve N4IRS

In the simplest terms, what are you trying to do? What is the end result you are trying to accomplish? You may not need the reflector.

Steve n4IRS

On 12/2/18 6:21 PM, Rob WX1N wrote:
Good evening all,

I'm starting to slowly peck away at a P25 to DMR bridge, and learning as I go. I'm starting from the P25 end and working in towards MMDVM_Bridge. Can anyone confirm that the order is as follows?
MMDVM running P25 -> P25 Gateway -> P25 Reflector -> MMDVM_Bridge

The default ports do not seem to be set up for this, and I am having trouble getting P25 reflector to pass traffic to MMDVM_Bridge, so I wanted to confirm.

The ports I'm using are as follows:
MMDVM P25 network ports:
Gateway 42020
Local 32010

Local 42020 (matches MMDVM Gateway)
Rptr 32010 (matches MMDVM Local)
Hosts file Port 41000 (port for Reflector)

Port 41000 (matches host file in Gateway)

P25 Network - defaults to 42020 and 32010, which would connect it to the Gateway not the reflector (and would conflict with the MMDVM I think?)
So I'm trying Gateway=41000 (Reflector), and Local=32011 (shouldn't need to match anything, just be a discrete port, correct?)

A P25 transmission shows in P25Reflector, which I believe indicates that the first 3 steps are set up correctly, but nothing shows in MMDVM_Bridge.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!


Rob, WX1N

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