Re: P25 -> MMDVM_Bridge question

Rob WX1N

Okay, that helps - thank you!!!

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So it can look like this:
MMDVM_Host <-> P25Gateway(1) <-> P25Reflector <-> P25Gateway(2) <->
MMDVM_Bridge(a) <-> Analog_Bridge(1) <-> Analog_Bridge(2) <->
MMDVM_Bridge(b) <-> BrandMeister

You will need 2 copies of P25Gateway. Since you can not reuse the same
ports, you will need to change the ports used for P25Gateway(2) <->
You can use a singe copy of MMDVM_Bridge. MMDVM_Bridge(a) would be the
P25 connection and MMDVM_Bridge(b) would be the DMR connection.
You will need 2 copies of Analog_Bridge. Analog_Bridge(1) would be
configured for P25 and Analog_Bridge(2) would be configured for DMR. The
connection between the 2 copies of Analog_Bridge would be cross
connected via the [USRP] stanza.

It might be easier to build from BrandMeister towards the P25Reflector.
Run each program in the foreground and watch the data flow. When a
section works, move on to the next section.

Steve N4IRS

On 12/2/18 7:05 PM, Rob WX1N wrote:
Hi Steve,

My end goal is to bridge an MMDVM P25 repeater to a BrandMeister DMR talkgroup.

I was trying to set up the P25->MMDVM_Bridge side of the equation with P25Reflector as the info I came across while searching showed this connection path.


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