Re: ASL playback and morse distorted when bridge is running

Steve N4IRS

Let me see if I understand this.
You have a public node connected to a radio / repeater.
You have a private node setup for DMR.
Public node is NOT connected private node.
Morse, telemetry tones and audio files distorted audio as heard out the radio transmitter.
Kill any of the bridge program, audio on radio clears up.

Hardware or software Vocoder?
Do you kill a DVSwith program or restart the program?
CPU usage as reported high?

Steve N4IRSĀ 

On 12/4/18 2:55 AM, va3dxv wrote:
Hi folks,

I have ASL running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 3B at two sites. Both running DVSwitch for DMR on a private node.

I've started noticing choppy/distorted sounding morse ID's and audio file playback. To the point where an 800hz morse tone sounds like a buzz, not a tone.

This happens whether the private node is connected to the main node or not. ASL audio over the network seems to still be OK.

I've found that when I kill any one of the bridge or md380emu processes, the audio immediately clears up.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you

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