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Corey Dean N3FE <n3fe@...>

Now that openbridge is released I may be able to help out some here.  I have about 15-20 talkgroups from bm 3102 feeding hblink using openbridge.  I then have a link into my cbridge carrying Delmarva 8802, then I also have a backup system of hblink with all of those coming across it.  My home brew repeaters connect directly to hblink and the 8300 repeaters use IPSec bridge / hb bridge to connect to hblink.  I have been running it this way for a few months with no trouble at all!

If I need another talkgroup from the cbridge or bm it is very easy to add.  On openbridge all I need to know is the talkgroup I’d, enter it in and you have it right away.  Think of it as a cbridge cclink with out the need for a lid.

Corey n3fe

On Tue, Dec 4, 2018 at 8:28 PM JJ Cummings <cummingsj@...> wrote:
Jim, you can do what you want to do now with the use of HBLink, DMRLink, HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge as follows:

hb_confbridge <-> Brandmeister (for BM TGs)
hb_confbridge <-> hb_bridge <-> ipsc_bridge <-> confbridge (for CBridge interfacing and interfacing to motorola repeaters)

hb_confbridge is a single instance of from HBLink
confbridge is a single instance of from DMRLink
ipsc_bridge and hb_bridge are the respective single instances of the .py files from IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge.

All that you have to do is configure the respective files to determine what TGs are allowed to go to what system, simply excluding TG8802 from your Brandmeister stanza in said file will do it.


On Tue, Dec 4, 2018 at 1:56 PM Jim Gifford - KD4PPG <jim@...> wrote:
A lot has happened in the last few weeks.  Most critically, the OpenBridge branch merged back into the master branch, bringing with it new goodies to play with, namely ACLs!

Additionally, I've stopped trying to conflate my needs with the needs of the other repeater operator, instead treating each as a unique problem to be solved.  Since his is closer to being on the air, I'm focusing on that.  I'm hoping for OpenBridge to be the answer to my own setup in the near future.

Basic premise: new (used) repeater, VHF, XPR8400, 147.210 +, CC1,  antenna at 300' on a county tower, owner: N4TIK (Ken), trustee: W0ADD (Al).

Ken and Al would prefer their repeater have the sysop level of control provided by Brandmeister rather than being on a cBridge and having to pester the bridge operator for changes.  However, they also want to carry the DelMarVa (8802) talkgroup, primarily for coordination across the region during EmComm scenarios, which is only carried on cBridges currently.

For policy reasons, 8802 will not be carried by BM.

The repeater is operational, barring some issues with the duplexer.  It's connected to BM currently, and operating as the owner and trustee wish it to, although lacking the 8802 talkgroup.

Existing configuration:

I think that with the advent of ACLs, I can insert a DVSwitch suite in between the XPR8400 and the BM3102 server.  I can use the ACLs to deny 8802 from going to BM3102, and also to permit only 8802 on TS1 going to/from K4USD.

Proposed configuration:

In this proposal, the IPSC_Bridge <-> BM3102 link would be using the N4TIK DMR ID # 310328, so would look the same as the existing repeater.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this approach?

Yes, I know BM supports HB directly, but I don't know what's involved with changing from the current IPSC connection to an HB connection, ie will BM even care? Is it a different port?  For that matter, I don't *know* that the IPSC_Bridge <->BM3102 link will function correctly.   Any advice on this point is very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

PS, hooray for ACLs!

On Nov 23, 2018, at 7:14 AM, Jim Gifford - KD4PPG <jim@...> wrote:

I've reached the point where I need someone with experience with these tools to point me in the right direction.  I think I am getting overwhelmed with too much "there's more than one way to do it" combined with not knowing the limitations of the various branches of dmrlink and hblink (IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge specifically).

I have the need to connect 2 repeaters up to 2 different networks simultaneously.  One repeater is Mototrbo/IPSC and the other is MMDVM/Pi-Star.  One of the networks is a cBridge, and the other is Brandmeister.

On the IPSC repeater, the requirement is to have TS1 TG8802 and TS2 TG3151 by default, with TG8802 sourced from the cBridge, and TG3151 sourced from either the cBridge or Brandmeister.  I can get it from either source, but TG8802 is only from the cBridge due to policy.  The part that makes it difficult for me to know how to implement it is that the repeater owner wants TS1 to share with "any possible" BM TG, with a PTT setup with 15 minute timeout to revert to TG8802.

On the MMDVM repeater, the requirement is to have TS1 TG8802 and TS2 TG3151 by default.  Again, TG8802 sourced from the cBridge, and TG3151 from either.  The repeater owner on this one is me, and I'd rather have my PTT groups on TS2, and I don't necessarily care if it is "any possible" BM TG or simply a predefined subset.

Eventually, we might add additional DMR repeaters into the mix, and have different requirements for them.

I've started with a pristine install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, updated it, added Steve's DVSwitch-System-Builder script, and followed its directions.

Any suggestions for the best way to implement the system as described, or as closely as possible?

Thanks in advance,

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