Re: AllStarLink/ASL-Install

Steve KC1AWV

Long story short, if running the command asterisk -rvvv on the terminal works, this is the reason why.

The asl-menu script looks for the asterisk executable in /usr/sbin. If your instance of asterisk is installed or located elsewhere, you will need to change line 68 in the asl-menu script to reflect the correct location of the executable. So, for instance, if it's located in /usr/local/sbin the line should be changed to ASTERISK=/usr/local/sbin/asterisk. To find where the executable is, you can run which asterisk on the terminal to show where the file is located in your PATH.

Of course, flashing the maintained image for the RPi onto your card would work too, and I've had no issues running a mobile ASL node from it.

- Steve KC1AWV

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