Re: AllStarLink/ASL-Install

Pierre Martel

Did you used the raspberry pi image from the wiki??? 

Cause with this image and the readme I was able to do a node in half an hour using usbradio and another hour to make allmon2 work as I wished. 

I would really advise you to use both the readme and image file to rebuild from scratch. It will surely be faster then trying to fix your installation. Then when it works. Back up the sd card image. Then if you wish to install a desktop just do it as a normal command line raspbian. 

Le mer. 12 déc. 2018 12:49 p.m., Stephen Miller <smiller@...> a écrit :
After taking an initial look at the Pi in question, I've noticed that the dahdi pseudo device is not loading, preventing asterisk from starting. lsmod shows no dahdi module installed. The /etc/modules file does show that the module is listed.

dpkg-reconfigure for the dahdi module completes, but there is no module to be loaded.

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