Re: AllStarLink/ASL-Install


unameĀ -r

Is what I have

What happens with newer kernel is you loose sound support which dahdi needs to compile right.

Not sure what for him to do but the fastest way to the end is to start over with the asl pi stretch image and hold the kernel before updating as the readme states.


On 12/12/2018 2:21 PM, Stephen Miller wrote:

It looks like Manuel is making a system of his own design, including all the digital and analog networking systems into one device. While his implementation is a custom one, a lot of the ideas are solid and should be compatible. The install of ASL onto the Pi with other software shouldn't be an issue, just need to be aware that a custom setup like that will have some issues that will need to be worked out before moving the system from alpha to a beta.

Putting the kernel headers on hold might be a little late for that, since the kernel version that was on the Pi was one that looked newer, I think. The DKMS build flashed by faster than I would have liked. Which kernel runs on the Pi image?

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