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Manuel Díaz

thanks for the info
I am working with an image of my own and has the kernel 4.14.79

with the image ASL_1.01-20180228-armhf-raspbian-stretch-image.img, it works perfectly for me.

but with my own image it does not work.



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That’s what I’m talking about when I reference “unless you are using a URI” in terms of sound “modules” which is just OSS that was deprecated long ago (over 10 years), was marked broken early this year, and has to do with hardware level access to the URI.  If you are not interfacing to a radio then there is no need to hold the Kernel back at all.  Even if there is a need for a URI you can still use ALSA and emulate OSS which I am doing and it works very well... if interested you can look for my instructions on app_rpt.


Maybe I missed part of the thread, I’ll read back through... 



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On Dec 12, 2018, at 15:59, Stephen Miller <smiller@...> wrote:

The known good instructions from N4IRS state to hold the Raspbian kernel, and from a previous post in this thread it has to do with sound modules that may or may not be present in newer Raspbian kernels, which looks like a dependency for dahdi to compile correctly with DKMS.

Were you able to get ASL installed and configured with a newer Raspbian kernel?

I could be off target there, and think N4IRS could weigh in and edify.

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