Re: AllStarLink/ASL-Install

Steve N4IRS

Not much I can add. The last version I built used OSS. I put together some info on channel drivers that did not use OSS. Most of my work was spent moving ASl to a system that did not REQUIRE people to compile ASL. The images and the repository were intended for people to be able to do a simple apt get install or a apt-get upgrade when there were changes. DAHDI has always been a pain in the ass. I spent a lot of time trying to make it easy to upgrade. That is where DKMS came in.

I am no longer involved in ASL development. I know that the dev team for ASL is working to move the repo from DVSwitch to the ASL servers. I hope this happens sooon so that I can start restructure our repo.

Steve N4IRS

On 12/12/18 5:59 PM, Stephen Miller wrote:
The known good instructions from N4IRS state to hold the Raspbian kernel, and from a previous post in this thread it has to do with sound modules that may or may not be present in newer Raspbian kernels, which looks like a dependency for dahdi to compile correctly with DKMS.

Were you able to get ASL installed and configured with a newer Raspbian kernel?

I could be off target there, and think N4IRS could weigh in and edify.

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