NXDNReflector with DVSwitch

JJ Cummings

Maybe I am losing my mind (ideally) but I can't seem to get DVSwitch to connect to an instance of NXDNReflector on localhost.  tcpdump against lo shows zero attempted connections when the service starts.  I do have the [NXDN] and [NXDN Network] set to enable and the NXDNReflector is running locally on the same system.. the GatewayPort matches the [Network] Port=41400 in the NXDNReflector.ini configuration.  I am able to connect to the NXDNReflector from an outside host to the given port and I can see that all interfaces are listening on udp:

I do have YSF also enabled in the same DVSwitch configuration, but have tried to disable it also with the same results, I never see any connection attempts from DVSwitch to NXDNReflector... any ideas or pointers would be appreciated for sure at this point!


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