HBlink and DMRlink in "production"

Steve N4IRS

If you are running any of the code in production, please post a description here. That would be DMRlink, HBlink, Analog_Bridge, HB_Bridge or IPSC_Bridge.

I have been running DMRlink Conference Bridge to connect my 3 Motorola repeaters to DMR-MARC, BM and DCI. It has been running day in and day out for quite some time.  This gives me great control of what TGs are available and keeping unneeded traffic off a repeater if no one is using it. That way 2 different repeaters can be using different TGs on the same TS. Works great.

Today I added HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge to the mix. I have 1 MMDVM based repeater that was directly connected to BM. Now with HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge, it is now part of the network. This means that Local (TS2 / TG2) on the MMDVM repeater is connected to Local on the Motorola repeaters. I did block DMR-MARC from the MMDVM repeater (for now) Next is to give the locals a place to connect their hot spots. 

Steve N4IRS

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