Steve N4IRS

We have crossed a milestone here at DVSwitch. We now have over 500 members on I know that there are other larger groups but I am surprised. Not bad for a group dedicated to building Digital Voice tools that allow people to "build it their way" All of the software has evolved over time. Cort has made major changes and additions to HBlink including support for OpenBridge and significant upgrades to the confbridge software. Pretty damn good for a guy that claims he is not a programmer and started by wanting to "scratch a itch"
I can see some other things in the future as the HB protocol becomes the place for innovation.

Analog_Bridge has added support for Most of the digital voice formats and does a pretty good job of transcoding those formats or connecting to analog services like AllStarLink. MMDVM_Bridge is working (with a couple of bugs) and is scheduled for a refresh in 2019. Every comment, bug report and success isĀ  being watch, logged and considered. No time frame yet. We introduced Quantar_Bridge to add the ability to connect a purpose built P25 repeaters to the MMDVM P25 Network. That is not to say there are not other great P25 repeaters and of course there is MMDVM_Host and the MMDVM modem (redundant). I see some changes coming to the reflector system next year. Again, we are listening.

There is at least one other major refresh in the works today. I hope to announce that "real soon".

What we do need is some help. We are lacking in tutorials, demos and howto. Please consider submitting some of the work you have done as a editable document so that we can work with you to create something that will help people accomplish what they are trying to do.

For DVSwitch,
73, Steve N4IRS

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