A newbei Question about NXDN <--> DMR


Hi All,
This is my first post and first steps in the world of interconnection between digital networks so my question may be silly but your help will be appreciated.
Our amateur radio club is running two NXDN (Kenwood NXR710) and one DMR (Hytera RD985) repeaters. BTW, Hytera RD985 repeater is connected to BM network. All of these repeaters are are in same IP network and same subnet. We want to create a bridge (sorry I don't know exact terminology) between DMR and NXDN world. Our members want to use their NXDN handhelds for communicate with DMR network and vice versa.
I hope that, I can explain current situation.
What software should we use?
What is the required hardware?
Your help will be appreciated.

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