Re: HBLink and DMRLink

Steve N4IRS

Here is mine from 2600 test.

; USRP from Analog_bridge
rxchannel = USRP/  ; GNU Radio interface USRP
duplex = 0                              ; 0 = Half duplex with no telemetry tones or hang time.

hangtime = 0                            ; squelch tail hang time 0
althangtime = 0                         ; longer squelch tail hang time 0

holdofftelem = 1                        ; Hold off all telemetry when signal is present on receiver or from connected nodes
                                        ; except when an ID needs to be done and there is a signal coming from a connected node.

telemdefault = 0                        ; 0 = telemetry output off. Don't send Allison to DMR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me.

telemdynamic = 0                        ; 0 = disallow users to change the local telemetry setting with a COP command,

linktolink = no                         ; disables forcing physical half-duplex operation of main repeater while
                                        ; still keeping half-duplex semantics (optional)

; idrecording = |iWA4XYZ/R              ; id recording or morse string see
; idtalkover = |iWA4XYZ                 ; Talkover ID (optional) default is none see

; EchoLink
rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo              ; No radio (hub)

On 07/01/2017 04:32 PM, Steve Siesel [K4KSA] wrote:



I am running Allstar<>Analog_Bridge<>HB_Bridge, as an Analog to DMR Gateway. It is still in the testing phase as I still need to find a solution to keep Allison from talking out on DMR. I have been working with Steve on this, and hope to work it out soon!




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