DVSwitch - YSF


I had some time and was looking for something new to do....
Put up my own YSF reflector (88023) and seems to work well from a local box running centos7.
The reflector currently sits idol most times since I am not bridging it to my ASL just yet on a more permanent basis perhaps later. All experimental at this point. Will place in on a virtual box later.
You are welcome to test on that YSF reflector though jan.

So, I plugged my pi-star hot spot over to my reflector and again works fine with some issues I had with pi-star not updating to the more recent dashboard to allow DMR2YSF.

Then I proceeded to set-up dvswitch to connect to my reflector.... Worked like a charm.
Now I could test without harm on my own reflector.
So now I am just testing it all out for stability by listening to various YSF TG's

If you have a interest, you might connect to ASL 29285. the YSF bridge is in monitor mode (no tx)
Probably run it like this through jan2019 and then I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing with this one exactly but will migrating to other servers for specific purpose. Will try to keep some noise on it...LOL

Anyway, Just thought I would start a YSF thread here since I did not see one.

And I have to say, YSF is as equal and maybe better in some ways than DMR audio.
You have to take much into account when listening since most are mobile stations with weak signal to a repeater.

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