Strange signals on AllStarlink Node 2600

Steve N4IRS

We have started Alpha testing a simple D-Star <---> AllStar bridge on ASL node 2600.
As we have said many times, Using DummyRepeater, and ircDDBGateway. Mike hacked DummyRepeater to "add" support for USRP. So it looks like this"

ASL <---> DummyRepeater <---> ircDDBGateway <---> D-Star Network(s)

This is NOT D-Star_Bridge. This is simply a proof of concept. As of now it is one way. The changes made are to 1 file in DummyRepeater. Once everything works we will release the patch
Dummy repeater is not a command line program (yet) so it does require a console.

Audio also available on EchoLink N4IRS-L

Let the fun continue.

"What are HB_Bridge, IPSC_Bridge and Analog_Bridge?"

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