P25<-->DMR issue

Ian Tulley

Hi and a Happy New Year to all.
OK, I have done something very silly, I am trying to build a new server that will be the P25<-->DMR Bridge. I had one working but needed to move it to a new server and firstly did not check to see if it was actually running or not, so I don't know if my original was working. I just want to see if I have the bridging information correct.


The reason I am asking is that I shutdown the old server before making sure the new one was active and now can't seem to get the new server to work.
I have the P25Gateway working and have one instance of MMDVM_Bridge.ini and both Analog_Bridge_p25.ini and Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini

Before I do my head in any further I want to check if that looks correct, if so and I still can't get it to work, I will then upload my stanzas to see if someone else can see my mistake.

Ian (VK2HK)

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