Re: P25<-->DMR issue "Still"

Ian Tulley

Hi Steve, OK here is what I have been able to achieve, P25Gateway runs fine, I can then start MMDVM_Bridge and it connects to the BM Master successfully, I can TX on both the P25 radio and the DMR radio on different repeaters and see my calls come up on the screen output. I then start up Analog_Bridge_P25.ini and do the same test and again can see myself coming up on the screen output but no audio between them. Now when I startup Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini and do the same test I can see myself come up on the screen output then I get the following error, only on that Stanza, "Emulator Timed out on Decode" or "Emulator Timed out on Encode" depending on the direction of the data and still no audio in either direction, but I can get the DMR repeater to TX "sometimes" when PTT from the P25 radio but no audio.
I'm not sure where to look for this one, please remember this is on a server in the cloud so there are no USB Dongles connected, I'm only using the software decoder.

Ian (VK2HK)

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