Re: Setting up DMRLink <-> KBLink #best_practices #dmrlink #hblink

Steve N4IRS

I just tried to git clone. I did not get a request for password. I would suggest you retry.

On 1/2/2019 1:27 PM, Jason Johnston wrote:

Hi All

I tried about a year ago to get this DMRlink - HBlink system setup, but never could get it going.  I am trying to revisit this plan.

I have a box running Ubuntu 16.04 and I have the correct files installed (I think).  I own my own cbridge, so I have updated the HBlink.cfg, DMRlink.cfg and HB_Bridge.cfg files to match my current settings.  I tried running an update to dmr_utils, but I get an authentication error when trying to run these commands:
cd /opt
git clone
cd dmr_utils/

It asks for a username and password that I do not have.

My main problem last time I tried this was that the system would connect to the cbridge, but the cbridge rejected the traffic.  I am trying to replicate that error so that I can further trouble-shoot.  But for now, I can't get either to connect to cbridge or mmdvm device.

Should I wipe my directories and start over?  I have backups of most of the .cfg files, so I could do that, but I am sure I need to get my dmr_utils reinstalled or updated first.

Thanks for any assistance.

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