Re: Setting up DMRLink <-> KBLink #best_practices #dmrlink #hblink

Steve N4IRS

If you are trying to connect a HB based system (MMDVM) to your c-Bridge

You will need the 2 branches:

You can put all the files in the same directory. Build from the outside in. That way you can see the traffic flow as you add a program.
Configure dmrlink.cfg to login to your c-Bridge as a peer
Configure hblink as a server for your repeater

run dmrlink and verify it is logging into the c-Bridge
run hblink and verify your MMDVM repeater is logging in.
These are just for TESTING your configs.

Configure HB_Bridge.cfg and IPSC_Bridge.cfg to talk to each other. (cross UDP ports)
Start You should see it login to your c-Bridge
Start You should see your MMDVM Repeater login to it.
If you have the HB_Bridge.cfg and IPSC_Bridge.cfg correct, you should see traffic flow.

While building, run everything in the foreground so that you can watch the logs in real time.
Make sure you see the traffic before moving on.

Steve N4IRS

On 1/2/2019 2:22 PM, Jason Johnston wrote:
I was able to get it downgraded and I ran the pip install dmr_utils cmd again, and it seems to work - although it says I have everything that I need

I DID do the upgrade manually, since the OS prompted me to do that, so having a line in your instructions, saying to avoid this, would be helpful.

Now that I have that done, what would be the next step to get it to actually connect to the cbridge?  

This Ubuntu box is a test box, we can do anything we want to do, and aren't going to lose anything.  Fire away.

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