Re: Setting up DMRLink <-> KBLink #best_practices #dmrlink #hblink

Jason Johnston

This is a fresh start from the software itself, but not the OS.  Is that what you are referring to?

I am running this on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.  Is there any reason this wouldn't work?  In reading online forums, facebook groups, etc - and talking with several people who are using their own DMRlink/HBlink server, I get mixed opinions about whether Ubuntu will work or not.  It is a Debian based OS, but different enough that some say it won't work, even though it works on Raspian, which is much more watered-down than what I am running.

If I am going to start fresh all over again, what OS do you recommend I start with?  It can be anything, I don't care, I just want to know what works best.

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