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Steve Siesel [K4KSA]



Nice sounding system….. I did make the mistake of doing a *73…..Allison is still talking back to me J



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Steve & the Group

I have HBlink-HB_Bridge and Analog_Bridge in production to link  ASL node 45587 to BM TG23526 (Ref 4426).

I'm running all the DVSwitch services on an X86 atom, all my ASL nodes are running on RPi

The main hub (41522) normally has between 50 - 70 ASL nodes connected, the addition of the DMR link has proved very popular. 


On 01/07/2017 21:09, Steve N4IRS wrote:

If you are running any of the code in production, please post a description here. That would be DMRlink, HBlink, Analog_Bridge, HB_Bridge or IPSC_Bridge.

I have been running DMRlink Conference Bridge to connect my 3 Motorola repeaters to DMR-MARC, BM and DCI. It has been running day in and day out for quite some time.  This gives me great control of what TGs are available and keeping unneeded traffic off a repeater if no one is using it. That way 2 different repeaters can be using different TGs on the same TS. Works great.

Today I added HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge to the mix. I have 1 MMDVM based repeater that was directly connected to BM. Now with HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge, it is now part of the network. This means that Local (TS2 / TG2) on the MMDVM repeater is connected to Local on the Motorola repeaters. I did block DMR-MARC from the MMDVM repeater (for now) Next is to give the locals a place to connect their hot spots. 

Steve N4IRS


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