Re: scheduled nightly YSF/NXDN/P25 reflector restarts?


Ahh great, thanks Mike, I'll give it a shot!

On Thu, Jan 3, 2019, 3:01 PM Mike KB8JNM <groupio@... wrote:

Edit your etc/contab

and place a line similar to this

25  17    * * *   root   /patch/to/ restart

If you know little of crontab, google info so you know how to use it well and correctly.


On 1/3/2019 3:55 PM, Russell, KV4S wrote:
at little off topic for DVSwitch but I was trying to get some help on a way to schedule restarts of  YSF/NXDN/P25 reflectors without restarting the whole server?

Russell, KV4S

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