Re: HBlink and DMRlink in "production"



Here is my setup .

                                                                                                  MMDVM Repeater


                                                                                                              | (MMDVM)

AST  --  Analog_Bridge ---  HB_Bridge –(TOHB)--- HB_confbridge—(TOBM)---  BM server

                                               /opt/HBlink/                      /opt/HBlink2/




My HB_confbridge has 2 rules , TG9TS2  links MMDVM and AST

TG3027TS1   links MMDVM and BM


Communication is reliable   everywhere ….


Wanted to  use  private call 9990  for Parrot  from  BM . HB-confbridge does not seem to pass private call….

So I  will try using  HBparrot on  HB_confbridge  9991 on group call for the users  to have Parrot available..


Richard VE2DJE





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