Re: DMR<-->P25 Now only one way Audio

Ian Tulley

Hi Steve, well that’s the problem, when I PTT of P25, I can see myself on the Reflector, but nothing on mmdvm_bridge log or and of the analog_bridge logs ??

Ian (VK2HK)

On 5 Jan 2019, at 9:20 am, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

Follow the data in the logs from program to program. Do you see the data in the log for MMDVM_Bridge? if yes, move on to analog_bridge. Same question. rinse repeat.

On 1/4/19 4:52 PM, Ian Tulley wrote:
Hi all, I recently had active a DMR <--> P25 Bridge with the help of Steve. There was an issue with setting up the audio due to some problem associated with md380-emu, but it was fixed and the bridge worked great and after some tweaking the audio and audio levels in both directions just worked. I have been monitoring for a couple of days and found last night that I only had audio from DMR to P25 but not in the reverse direction. This morning I have been trying hard to solve this issue but just cannot find out why.
This is on a VPS and I am running the P25Reflector/Gateway/Bridge plus NXDN Reflector and YSF Reflector all off the same server, but when the bridge was working all of this was running at the same time.
This is what I have done so far, so any further suggestions would be welcome.

Checked status of all services to make sure all running and yes all OK
Set both P25Reflector and P25Gateway into Debug mode and monitored the output but nothing found.
restarted all services but again no difference.
stoped md30-emu
stopped mmdvm_bridge
stopped analog_bridge_p25 and analog_bridge_dmr
restarted all services manually in seperate windows so I could monitor the output to the screen.

Results I am getting, 
If I key up on the P25 radio, I get nothing coming to any of the screen outputs, but can hear myself via another connected P25 Hotspot so I know the reflector is working OK
If I key up on DMR I can see all 3 screen outputs and can hear myself out of the P25 Radio.

Anyone have any idea where to start to look for this issue.

Ian (VK2HK)

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