Re: IAXRPT DVSwitch (Unable to Register/Connect)

Steve N4IRS


The entries for DVSwitch Mobile is slightly different from the entries used for Windows IAXRPT. You can find the correct entries at <>
I suggest you join the DVSwitch mobile subgroup at <>

73, Steve N4IRS

On 1/6/19 1:21 PM, ke0key@... wrote:
I have installed the new version of IAXRPT DVSwitch on my Android phone. I have entered all of the configuration information correctly and it matches the information in my iax.rpt file.

When I go to Register or Connect to my Allstar Node, it will not let me. I am getting the "Not Registered" error.

Also, I have installed the IAXRPT for Windows on my desktop and entered the same information and it will let me log in to my node just fine.

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between the Windows version and the Android version that will prevent me from using the mobile version?

James (KE0KEY)
Global DX System

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