Re: NXDN connections and terms

Steve N4IRS

No, you need the Gateway.

RAN=1        ; Radio Access Number (Think Color Code)
Id=12345     ; This is your Repeater NXDN ID. NXDN IDs max out at 5 digits so you can not use your DMR ID. You can register at <>

NXDNFallbackID  = 12345    Since you are bridging and have a DMR ID coming in The bridge will attempt to find a call sign that matches the DMR ID. If found it will then attempt to find a NXDN ID that matches the callsign. if found that will be the NXDN ID used otherwise, it will insert the fallback ID.

Steve N4IRS

On 1/6/19 4:15 PM, Mike KB8JNM wrote:
Should DVSwitch be able to directly (native) connect to a NXDN reflector without adding a gateway or other interface ?
Looking at the settings, some of them need some definition.

Not being familure with NXDN it begs... What is RAN ?
and what is the purpose of the id=12345 or what id is this ?

What phams can be used in the NXDN fallbackid. Guessing anything could be used like UNguest to spot it in a dashboard or log file.
NXDNFallbackID  = 12345         ; Use this ID when the input DMR ID is not found in the database

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