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Hey All,

So a few questions on HBlink and DMRlink.

1. Can echo (aka parrot) be used with private call also or just group call?

HBlink contains a program called hb_parrot – it does not handle private calls at this time.

DMRlink has a program called that can be configured for group or private calls.

2. Can HBlink and DMRlink pass DATA and Private calls internally?

HBlink uses a callback function for ‘DMRD’ packets (contains all user-land types, voice & data). You can write any kind of processor for them you like calling the HBSYSTEM class from and overriding the dmrd_received class method. I’ve considered parsing out the type of call in a DMRD and registering separate callbacks for those types. I’d be interested in whether or not that sounds more useful to folks?

DMRlink uses callback functions for (listed by class method name) group_voice, private_voice, group_data and private_data. You can write any kind of processor you like by calling the IPSC class from and overriding any/all of those methods.

3. More specifically can DMRlink pass data between internal IPSC endpoints such as 2 Motorola IPSC Trbo repeaters directly connected? doesn’t pass anything between systems. If you’re talking about the program “” in dmrlink, confbridge stands specifically for “conference bridge”, and is intended to be analogous to a telephone conference bridge. Processing data calls would be out of scope for that application.

Thanks All and Happy New Year!!

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