Re: "Pre-empt" all talkgroups?

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Right.. The TGID you want to have exclusive rights is a trigger to turn all others off. Isn’t that what you meant by "configure a talk group in a way that when a user keys up on it, that talk group has the time slot for a certain amount of time, and for that amount of time, no other talk group can be used on that slot, regardless of what other talk groups a user PTTs on”?

I don’t quote you to sound like an ass, but to try and figure out what about this doesn’t solve that requirement – key up on a TGID, then that TGID has exclusive access for a period of time? That says to me, use that TGID to trigger turning all others off for the specified time? No?

On Jul 5, 2017, at 2:55 PM, David Andrzejewski KD8TWG via Groups.Io <david@...> wrote:

Ah, but in that kind of configuration, those talk groups would be on all the time, *except* when any of the "off" talk groups are activated, right?

What about talk groups that use a TO_TYPE of "ON"?

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