Re: ASL to XLX in DSTAR mode ? Lost audio -> Solved


Le 14/01/2019 à 22:39, Ken KE2N via Groups.Io a écrit :
D: 2019-01-14 19:48:03.324 D-Star, lost audio for 300ms filling in, elapsed: 1211ms, expected: 60, received: 43
M: 2019-01-14 19:48:03.616 D-Star, network watchdog has expired, 1.2 seconds,  98% packet loss, BER: 0.0%

In case anybody else encounters that "D-Star lost audio" error :
According to Murphy's Law, the cause was completely external to Analog_Bridge / MMDVM_Bridge setup :

xlx ambed daemon had a malfunction. Errors were present in XLX log. Strangely, it scrambled all XLX traffic, including traffic that did not require XLX transcoding. This also affected Analog_bridge traffic.

Restarting ambed solved that problem.

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