Re: OpenBridge issue both bm&ipsc2

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

Yep, that’s expected and known. IPSC2 servers send one additional packet at the end of a data stream that is outside of the protocol spec defined by DMR+ and Brandmeister. It does not affect usability. To date I have had no luck finding out what it is, though Artem at Brandmeister was going to try and look into it. BM has made the protocol open to all, DMR+ considers it their IP and is not interested in publication.

+1 Brandmeister
-1 DMR+

You can ignore it. It is not causing problems.

Which brings up something in general for everyone – just because something might look “bad” to you in a log doesn’t mean something is failing. I log a LOT OF STUFF. Please assume that, unless something in practice is failing, many log messages that look ominous are not.

On Jan 15, 2019, at 10:14 AM, Themis Floros SV4QXF <xsystemgr@...> wrote:

Hello guys , i have a setup with hblink for mmdvm and a newer hblink with a openbridge config . The last days i try to connect to ipsc2 server and to bm server and take this message

OpenBridge HMAC failed, packet discarded - OPCODE: DMRD DATA: 'DMRD\xb50\x0c=\x00\x00[\x00\x00\x07\xe5\x04\xbe\xab|Y\xc48\x91B5kt\x15\x9e\x93\n)\xa6QR\x89P\x9cPp\x8f\x17Ol\xe8\x99\xa4\x12/\xb7e\xe6\xcd'


Cort Buffington

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